Rosko Satin Sheen

The ultimate Finishing Coat. This product has a matt finish and can be used on almost any indoor or outdoor surface. Easy to apply, outstanding durability and washability. Good alkali resistance and non yellowing.

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Rosko Everywall Sheen

A high quality, fully washable acrylic coating formulated to provide an eggshell satin finish. May be used on interior and exterior surfaces, including kitchens and bathrooms.

Rosko Eggshell

Provides a finish for interior walls, doors, bathrooms and ceilings. The soft eggshell finish helps to hide imperfections in the surface. The film is scrubbable, most durable and non yellowing.

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Rosko Gloss Enamel

A solvent base resistant to moisture created in bathrooms and kitchens. Very durable and washable. Ideal for high traffic areas. Resulting in a gloss finish.

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Contractors PVA

A heavily pigmented paint designed to fill pores and inequalities in surfaces, provides a smooth surface for finishing coats, exceptional hiding power, ideal for newly plastered or raw cement surfaces. A very cost effective undercoating solution.

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Universal Undercoat

The ultimate start to a perfect finish. Provides sufficient hardness, yet is flexible enough to add excellent durability to any product listed below that  you may decide to use as an overcoat

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