Roof Paint

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Rosko Roof Acrylic

A highly durable, highly flexible, weather resistant roof paint. May be used on all tile, cement & galvanized roofing surfaces that are free of grease, dirt & temporary protective coating applicable to IBR or galvanized surfaces. Available in various color options.

Chrome Aluminium

The ultimate roof coating in a silver finish designed specifically for use on galvanized / IBR sheeting. Very resistant to expansion and contraction resulting in a long term painting solution. Also heat reflective resulting in a cooler interior environment.

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Bituminous Aluminium

Designed as an initial coat prior to applying chrome aluminium as a finishing coat. A high quality bitumen aluminium paint with excellent heat deflecting & anti-corrosive properties. May be applied on roof, and galvanized iron.

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Water Based Etch Primer

Designed for steel & decorative applications suitable for rolling, brushing & dipping. Ideal for use in areas where a solvent based product is not permitted. Very low VOC.

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Waterproofing Compound

An Acrylic water based compound used in conjunction with a membrane. Ideal for use on all roofs , parapet walls and roofing screws where waterproofing is needed.

Rust Converter

Ideal for application on partially rusted surfaces before the final coats are applied. Over-coating must take place within 48 hours.

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