Rosko Roof Acrylic

A highly durable, weather resistant roof paint containing a high amount of flexibility. May be used on all tile, cement and galvanized roofing surfaces. The surface needs to be free of all grease, dirt and any temporary protective coating applicable to IBR or galvanized surfaces.

Chrome Aluminium

The ultimate roof coating in a silver finish designed specifically for use on galvanized / IBR sheeting. Very resistant to expansion and contraction resulting in a long term painting solution. Also heat reflective resulting in a cooler interior environment.

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Bituminous Aluminium

Designed as an initial coat prior to applying chrome aluminium as a finishing coat.

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Rust Converter

Ideal for application on partially rusted surfaces before the final coats are applied.

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Waterproofing Compound

An Acrylic water based compound used in conjunction with a membrane. Ideal for use on all roofs, parapet walls and roofing screws where waterproofing is needed.