Q.D Enamel

Designed around rapid drying times & good adhesion. Over-coatable in 3 hours. Good color & gloss retention. This industrial enamel is a multi-purpose product for indoor & outdoor applications. Available in 17 standard colors.

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Q.D Primer

A fast drying industrial enamel. Provides an adherent surface for sub-coats. Can be overcoated by Q.D. & A.D. enamels. Provides excellent adhesion to abrasive cleaned steel. Available in red, black, grey, & matt black.

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Black Bitumen

A general purpose bituminous coating impervious to moisture & chemicals. 100% lead free. Spreading rate 6-8m2 per liter. Ideal for grating purposes. Available in black only.

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Water Based Etch Primer

Designed for steel & decorative applications. Suitable for rolling, brushing & dipping. Ideal for use in areas where a solvent based product is not permitted. Very low VOC.

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Q.D. Zinc Phosphate Primer

A true multi-purpose primer for use on clean and pre-blasted steel surfaces. Available in a variety of colors allowing easy identification at an “on site” environment.

Bitumenous Aluminium

A high quality bitumen aluminium paint with excellent heat deflecting and anti-corrosive properties. May be applied on roof, floor and galvanized iron.

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Twin Pack Epoxy Floor Coatings

A low–cost flooring system that can be applied onto existing concrete, ceramic or wooden floors. Ideal for factory enviroments & high traffic areas. Available in grey, green, yellow & white. Spread rate of 6-8m2 per liter.

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Metal Etch Primer

For use on aluminium or galvanized steel.  The vinyl “etching” properties allow for anti-corrosion & extremely strong adhesion to just about any surface. Preparation before application is essential. Available in clear & a variety of colors.

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Q.D. Zinc Chromate Primer

For application on ALL clean steel surfaces. A quick drying rust inhibitor.

Road Marking Paint

Manufactured to SABS spec 731. Hard wearing- Available in red, yellow, white `& black.

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ROSKO Thinner Products

Rosko Paints carries a wide range of thinner & solvents to complement our entire range. These include; “E” Enamel Thinner, Lacquer thinner, Etch Thinner, Turps, Epoxy Thinner, Toluene & Xylene. All the above are available in 1l, 5l, 20l, & 200l units.

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